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Born and raised in Honolulu, I've lived in Hilo since 1979. My college studies focused on Asian Languages (Mandarin) and Communications (journalism), but my career ended up being with the State of Hawaii's renewable energy program, first in Honolulu but mostly in Hilo, from 1980-2014. Both of my kids (Robert Alex, and Angela) were raised in Hilo; we spent a lot of time with youth soccer programs (I have been a coach, referee, and referee instructor). I also worked part-time in the late '90s and early '00s as Executive Director of the Hawaii Forest Industry Association, and am still a member of HFIA on behalf of GEL. I was involved in Sierra Club service projects and outings (as a leader and program chair) while I was in college and pretty much until my son was old enough for sports. It was during the service projects that I learned to enjoy fencing and trail building! Since my retirement in 2014, I have spent much time working on GEL matters as a member of the Management Committee, and I also organize the Hilo Hep Cats, a swing dance club, for which my daughter, Angela, and I both teach.

Andie Gill

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